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The RulesEdit


These are not polite suggestions. These are codes of behavior, and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost.

Here at QuarterX we have a few set rules that are not meant to be broken they are as follows. Mute/IP Mute: (Breaking the following rules will result in a mute ranging from 24 hours to permanent.)

- Offensive Langugage We will not tolerate players or staff members insulting each other with offensive language.

- Flaming There is no reason for anyone to go out of there way to pick at each other. We are a friendly community.

- Disrespecting Staff They are voluntarily helping you please cut them some slack there are other people that need help other than you and they have lives as well.

- Misuse of ::yell The ::yell command is so you can talk to everyone at once, try to use it correctly and not break any rules using it. Using chalreq is also not allowed!

- Caps Lock We all know caps lock is cruise control for cool but refrain from doing it x).

- Spamming There is no reason what so ever to spam, try to control yourself.

Permanent IP Ban: (Breaking the following rules will result in a permanent IP ban.)

- Advertising Any form of advertising for ANY PURPOSE is against the rules.

- Autoing/Macroing Do not auto. It can result in perm ban or mute.

- Having moderator+ only item and refusing to give it to a staff member If you have a staff member only item like Zaros mjolnir or bandos kite and refuse to give it to a staff member you will be IP banned permanetly.

Temporary Ban/IP Ban: (Breaking the following rules will result in a temporary ban.)

-X-Logging Closing the client, using ladders/stairs, or any other method of leaving a battle will not be tolerated.

-Point Farming Letting someone kill you or killing someone who let you, and making another account to farm PvP points, is not allowed.

-Luring Luring someone to a PvP zone is unfair. For example, there should be no yells for drop parties in Edgeville since Edgeville is a PVP zone.

-Bug Abuse Abusing any bugs of any kind will result in a ban. Please report them to a Jr.Admin+ ASAP.

-Item Scamming This will not be as strict but if you scam someone and get reported and refuse to return the item(s), you will be punished.

-Events During events such as Hide N Seek you may NOT kill other players participating or you will be punished.

-Ring of Stone Using Ring of Stone in PvP is NOT allowed, why? because there is a glitch and until it is fixed please refrain from doing so.

-::modhelp Abusing ::modhelp is NOT allowed. Its created for players that seek the attention of a Moderator/Admin. You are not allowed to host Dropparty's, or just "chill out" in this area.

Thank you for reading the rules, you just reduced your chance of getting in trouble =)

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